Step Fabrication

Here's another job that True World Marine asked me to do. They wanted me to fabricate a step out of fiberglass for a boat that one of their customers bought. The first step into the cabin was about 16" down and it was difficult getting into the cabin. After I fabricated the step the company officials came down and were very impressed with my work. They wanted me to make a mold of the step or have me start casting them up for their company. Check out the photos and see what you think of it.

Step-by-Step Fiberglass Step Fabrication

This is what the inside step area looked like. The step down was about 16". So I had to make a step that looked liked it belong their.

I made a cardboard template, now I’m preparing to lay up the fiberglass to that shape.

The fiberglass is laid up, and I’m getting it to set up with the heat gun.

I’m grinding it to a rough shape of what the step will look like.

This is what it looks like after grinding.

Now I’m test fitting it. At this point they just wanted something flat. But after testing it, walking in & out of the cabin it was not good enough for me. I felt that if you tried to walk out of the cabin your foot would get caught on the underside of the step and you may possibly fall and hurt yourself.

I cut it up and reshape the step with a front panel that would stop your foot from going under the step.

Here is what it looks like. The front panel will stop your foot from going under the step in rough water if you where climbing out of the cabin. A lot of thought went into making this step.

Here I’m sanding it smooth for my final shape.

Now I’m setting it up for the non-skid surface.

A close up of the shape that’s going to be applied.

This is how it looks after I put the non-skid on.

This step has a real nice shine on it after I sanded & buffed the Gel-Coat. The non-skid looks like a factory finish.

Another view backside, with the non-skid surface.

I had to remove an access door on the back panel so that I could install this step.

Now I outline the area for the step to be glued & screw to the original step.

Now the step is installed & the back panel is replaced.

Here is a view looking down on it. See how the non-skid fits in the stepping area.

This is a view from the main deck looking into the cabin. This step looks like it belongs their.

This is what it looks like all finish. Well let me say that this Company was very Impressed with it. I had a lot of fun building it. It was a good challenge for me, but it did take a lot of my time.