MerCruiser Skeg Repair

I can repair any make of Outboard, Inboard & Outboard Skegs. A customer got in touch with me about repairing a Skeg on a MerCruiser Outdrive. I told him no problem; it'll look like new again. He then told me that he hit some rocks underwater and broke the skeg off completely. I have seen many shops repair skegs and every time that I've seen one repaired you know it was repaired. Now check out my repair procedure and let me know if you can tell if a skeg was welded to the drive. I had many customers praise me, hug me, telling me that they were very happy that they found me and got me to do the repair.

This is a MerCruiser outdrive. You can see how the skeg was ripped off completely. I’m sizing up the new skeg that I’ll be installing.

Now I’m cleaning up the section that I’ll be welding the new skeg to.

This is what it looks like after cleaning.

Now I’m lining up the new skeg to make the right cut & fit.

Now I’m cutting the new skeg so it fits the outdrive.

The skeg fits real good, it lines up with the front & rear edge.

Now I start to Vee out the edge. This will give a lot more support to the skeg.

Now I’m getting ready to weld the skeg to the outdrive.

Here I’m welding the skeg on with my Mig Welder.

Now I flipped over the drive, making a vee on this side, and getting it ready to be welded.

I’m welding up the whole skeg now. All precautions are taken to make sure that the housing doesn’t get to hot. I use wet rags that were soaked in ice water and weld one section at a time. If the housing gets to hot it can warp, and then the o-rings won’t seal right.

This is what it looks like after sanding the skeg to a smooth finish.

Another angle.

A close up photo. The weld was clean with no porosity.

Now a Polyester is sprayed on the housing to fill any imperfections from the sanding process.

Another photo close up.

A photo of the whole housing.

Here I’m hand sanding the skeg to get the original shape & smoothness back.

Here the outdrive is clean off and getting ready to be sprayed.

Here I’m spraying a special etching primer so my polyester finish adheres to the drive without peeling while in use.

The lower section is all sprayed now.

Now I’m applying the polyester finish. This goes on thick & heavy.

This is what it looks like after it flows out.

All done. Great shine.

The whole drive.

Close up of the outdrive. Can you tell where it was welded? The customer was very happy. So if you have a Broken Skeg or know of someone that has one. I would appreciate the recommendation.