Boat Wrecks

This section of my website is a collection of boat wrecks that I've seen over the years.

Boat owners come to me all the time, telling me how bad they feel after putting a scratch in their boat's hull. These owners often go to an unscruplous repair person, who leaves them feeling like it's the end of the world. Well, after checking out these photos, I think they will feel better.

Some of these boat owers' insurance companies wanted me to dumb-down repairs, which I knew wouldn't hold. That is also unethical, and I wouln't do it. So eventually, the insurance companies totalled out the boats instead of getting them properly repaired.

A newer boat that hit the ground was in really bad shape. In order for me to repair this boat the right way, I would've had to gut the inside, then fiberglass the inside, then fiberglass the outside of the hull. That is the only way I could have guaranteed my work. The insurance company said it was too expensive. I said, "OK."

While speaking with the boat owner, he let me know he had a five-year hull warranty. So I called the factory and spoke to a representative there. I asked if they would still honor the warranty, if the hull was repaired the way the insurance company wanted it to be repaired. The factory said, "NO WAY." The factory then also sent me the plans on how the hull was laid up, and what type of fiberglass was used. After reading these plans, it only confirmed what I initially told the insurance company -- that the boat had to be repaired from the inside.

This information irritated the insurance company, and they eventually totalled out the boat.

So what does the Insurance company do with the boat now? Well, they sold it to a salvage yard, who then sold it to a repair shop which dummied it up, and then sold it to an unsuspecting customer.

This is why you MUST have any boat that you're thinking of buying checked out by a reputable surveyor, or better yet, an experienced repairman who has been in the business for a long time.

Photos of Wannabe Fiberglass Repair Guys

Also at the bottom of this section, you'll see some repair jobs that were performed by some unqualified people. But the boat still floats and for some customers, that's good enough. But I can tell you one thing -- you won't catch me on any of those boats.