The high quality of your work, your honesty and professionalism are traits not often seen in today's business world.

Jane and Robert Sherman

The trick to hull repair is color match. Bill knows his colors. I'd use him again in a heartbeat.

Tom - Tom's Toy, New Milford NJ

Welcome to Custom Boat Repairs

Custom Boat Repair is owned & operated by Bill Nowicki. For over 45 years he has specialized in fiberglass boat repairs at numerous marinas in the tri-state area.

Custom Boat Repairs specializes in major and minor fiberglass repairs and insurance work. Other services include Major Hull Reconstructions, Mig-Tig-Stick and Aluminum welding of Towers & Skeg's & Osmosis Barrier Coatings and Gel-stripping performed with special Carbide cutters. Hull Inspections are conducted with special Infrared Cameras and Moisture Detection devices. All services are performed to perfection and have your boat coming out stronger and better looking then the day it left the factory. Custom Boat Repairs also offers Mobile Service for yachts and 24-hour emergency services.

Bill Nowicki strives to achieve Expert color matching, and uses only Hi-tech, non-woven, bi-ply fiberglass materials. Hull inspections, verbal estimates, and second opinions on fiberglass repairs are offered at no charge. Detailed written insurance quotes can be done for a fee. Personal service guarantees customer satisfaction and all work is fully insured.

Boat Repair Jobs I've Completed


In this section, you'll see how forty-five years of experience have helped me perform these fiberglass repair jobs. You'll see step-by-step, with photos, the entire repair process. Many sites on the Internet offer up before and after photos which look pretty, but it’s more important to see what's happening during the actual repair process – and that will determine whether you’re going to be riding your boat back to the dock or swimming back to shore.

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Do It Yourself Boat Repairs


DIY boat repairs will save you lots of money on straightforward fixes by teaching you how to repair simple maintenance problems for free. Trust me - you won't find this type of information anywhere else on the Internet.

Along with learning how to do many simple boat repairs yourself by watching my simple step-by-step photo processes, you’ll also have access to supply links and tips that will save you hundreds of dollars.

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